Everyday Aggies

Meet Richard Schmidt!
Richard Schmidt is an enthusiastic Aggie who moved into the area with his parents in 1963. Richard started 2nd grade in Dansville Schools, and graduated in 1974 with his future wife, Ruth. They raised three boys in Dansville who were active in sports, including basketball, track, and football.

Richard enjoyed being active in Dansville athletic programs. He coached 3-6 grade basketball on Saturdays in the 80’s and 90’s, and coached with Ed Schroeder in the DCAA 7-8 grade football program for about 15 years. He also kept track of the JV and Varsity football stats for 30 years.

One of the things Richard appreciates about Dansville is how small and close-knit the village is. He likes the fact that teachers he remembers, or who taught his kids, are still in the area and often still serving the community in some way. He believes that the school system delivers an incredible quality of education, even though it’s one of the smallest schools in Ingham County. He’s delighted with the new school, while also missing the school he remembers attending. He says he voted for the new building because it was time for a change, and he feels the planners did an incredible job. He is looking forward to being an Aggie for many more years to come!


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