March’s Spotlight on: Swan Fuel Service, Inc!

Swan Fuel Service, Inc.
The Swan family has been in the fuel business since the early 1960’s. Lawrence “Pud” Swan and his son, Marvin Swan, worked as Agents who hauled and delivered fuel. They developed a loyal customer base over the years, and enjoyed taking care of the people they delivered to. Back then, deliveries were primarily fuel oil, and sometimes gasoline. Propane became a bigger part of the business about the time Gordon Swan graduated high school in 1989. He began driving also, because the work meshed nicely with the farm work he was doing at the time. Fuel deliveries are busier in the winter, when farm work is quieter.
In 1995, the Swan customer base had grown to the point that Swan Fuel Service, Inc. became an independent business. They set up an office on the edge of town, complete with fuel storage facilities and delivery trucks. The first year of operation, they set approximately 600 propane tanks, and have been growing steadily ever since. After only 5 years of business, they were delivering upwards of 2 million gallons of fuel each year, which gave them the power to start negotiating prices with the fuel manufacturers. Swan fuel continues to welcome around 300 new customers each year. Gordon says that at some point, they will be expanding and adding a satellite station with additional fuel storage, but they aren’t quite ready to start planning for that yet.
Gordon’s favorite part of continuing the Swan Fuel business is the people. He especially enjoys talking with visitors in the office, and has many fond memories of delivering to long-time customers, and getting to know them over the years. He is grateful to be working in his hometown, and likes to support local programs and projects when possible. Some of the organizations Swan Fuel supports include 4-H, Dansville Schools Education Foundation, the Stockbridge Robotics Team, and Special Olympics. Gordon says he’s thankful his parents encouraged him in this business, their faith in him was instrumental in developing what Swan Fuel is today.

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