Ethos West Update

One of the top questions when looking at a new house is, What will my payment be?
Because everyone has numbers that work for them, and numbers that don’t work.
What if you could help a teenager / young adult be more prepared for buying a house in the future?
It’s easy, Just show them this article!

Ethos Real Estate West is very excited to offer a free book to graduating seniors in the area!
Seniors can choose from the books “Debt Free
Degree” or “The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College”.

Just have the graduating senior in your life contact us at: with their name and what book they are interested in. We will have the books available to be picked up at the Ethos Real Estate West booth during the Memorial Day Parade in Dansville (other arrangements can be made upon request).

Why? Because Ethos Real Estate West recognizes that student loan debt is holding back home buyers. And we’d like to help the next generation. When they are at a point in life that they would like to buy a home; we would like to give them knowledge to help them be ready financially.


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