Aunt Aggie

Dear Aunt Aggie,
I’m scared. I’ve staying home like I am supposed to. But I hear on the news, all the deaths and the increasing number of cases of COVID-19. How do I not be so scared?
~Anxiously Alarmed~
Dear Anxiously Alarmed,
I understand how you are feeling! With the constant reporting and news coming to us, this whole thing can be overwhelming! One thing to do is to look for the good news. Right now there are all sorts of outpouring of love and help! There are also good reports of people who have beat this virus and are ok. There are reports of how the social distancing has helped slow the spread of this virus in several areas.
It also helps to be one of the helpers. Taking your focus off the negatives of this situation and taking control of what you can do to help is empowering. From your home you can send letters to others staying in their homes. You can sew masks for nurses and doctors. You can share good news stories to others! I hope this helps! We will get thru this together!
~Aunt Aggie~

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