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Debbie Gailey’s adventures have taken her from Texas, to Chicago, and finally Dansville.  She has worked as a certified Vet Tech Assistant (with tigers!!), she was a hairdresser for 30 years, and she’s been a groomer for the last 20 years.  She enjoys living and working in Dansville with her husband Jason.

Taking care of her own dogs inspired Debbie to start her business as a groomer.  She appreciates the variety of dogs she gets to interact with, and loves to see them get excited as they approach her yard.  She works hard to make sure each one feels like part of the family when they are on site.  When you schedule an appointment for your pet, your dog is given their own individual time slot for services to reduce anxiety and make sure they get all of the attention they need.  Messages and phone calls may not be returned immediately if there is a dog on the table.  Safety is of the utmost importance, and Debbie doesn’t step away until services are complete.  Her clients often pose for a picture while they look their best!

Some of the services Debbie’s Country Clippings provides include Day Care, Boarding, and of course Grooming services like bathing and clipping, nail grinding, and anal gland care.  The grooming table can be lowered for easy access for your dog, and the tub has a ramp.  No jumping necessary!  Boarding is available at any time, 365 days a year.  To learn more about services, or to schedule an appointment, you can call Debbie at 517-518-4063.  You can also find Debbie’s Country Clippings on Facebook, and message her there.  She looks forward to meeting your dog!
-DKS, writer

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