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Meet Katie Root!

Miss Katie, as many people call her, had an opportunity in High School to discover and and then explore her love of teaching.  Dansville Schools offered her a chance to attend classes half days, and work half days.  She began working at Dansville Preschool and Child Development Center, and after graduating in 2001 she continued her career there.  Miss Katie has now been teaching preschool for approximately 23 years!

Over the course of her work experiences, she has completed her CDA certification, has completed numerous hours of Continuing Education credits, and is currently taking classes for her Associates Degree in Child Development, all while working and raising her boys.  Brian (16), Logan (15), and Ethan (13) currently attend Dansville Schools, just like their mom did.  Miss Katie enjoys working and living in this community.  She  likes the bonds that are made when the people you meet are the friends of a friend, or live next door to somebody’s Grandma or Uncle.  Katie has deep roots in Dansville, as her family has lived in the area for a long time.

Miss Katie’s future plans focus on continuing to teach.  She loves to watch the preschoolers grow into big kids, and looks forward to seeing them in the Dansville Schools hallways.  She especially enjoys having children she taught come and work with her at the preschool as adults, or bring their own children for classes and care.  Thank you Miss Katie!

-DKS, writer

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