We did it!  We transitioned from Dansville Days to Country Chronicles!

Dansville Days has always been about connecting people in and with our local communities.  We have grown to the point where we are beginning to reach out to areas around Dansville, and wanted our name to reflect that.  As always, you can expect our focus to be on the wonderful things our communities have to offer.  We will continue to recognize and celebrate the good things that are happening, and the good people who make those things happen.  We will continue to promote businesses in our communities and offer affordable advertising so our readers are familiar with local resources for what they need and want.  We will continue to share information about opportunities and events so residents and visitors are encouraged to participate and connect.

We’re so excited to begin this new stage of service!  Thank you for your support and encouragement!

One comment

  • Thank you for the work that you are doing to connect Dansville with the rest of our country neighbors. It is usually after the fact that I hear about an event. I need to arrange transportation as I need a.vehicle that has an automatic lift for my wheelchair. This gives me time to see if I can arrange for someone take me to the event.

    Again, thank you for the work that you put into our community, it is appreciated.

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