Introducing troy john and jack

A year ago, Troy John Caulk didn’t ride.  He didn’t even particularly like horses.  They are so big!  Then he joined a friend in visiting the CHUM Therapeutic Riding stable and met the horses, and everything changed.  Troy John learned how to groom and care for them, and developed an especially close bond with Jack, a Halflinger/Paint pony.  With Jack’s help, Troy John learned to ride and now enjoys practicing a wide variety of skills.  He likes the obstacle course, and is working on cantering, moving sideways and backing up, leg yield, and moving over poles.  He’s looking forward to expanding his skills to include dressage and jumping.  His instructor Anah has become like a sister to him, encouraging him in his learning.
Troy John says that one of the most important things he’s learned from Jack is to step outside his comfort zone, and see that it’s ok to be out there.  His mother and instructors mention his increase in patience and confidence, and a willingness to ask for and receive help when needed.
Troy John has created a video, which can be viewed on the CHUM Therapeutic Riding Facebook page.  In it he talks about the 2020 CHUM Derby, and how he is willing to take some pies in the face to help his friend Jack win!  Covid regulations have prevented CHUM’s usual fundraisers from taking place this year.  The Derby is a virtual race powered by community donations.  Go to and click on “Derby” to see the horses that are “running”, and make a donation to move your favorite horse forward.  Support Jack!  Together we can can make a difference for this program that is making a difference!

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