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Investment Properties

Did you know that Ethos Real Estate West has a trained Property Manager on staff to help with managing rental properties?  Rental Properties can get complicated.  Ethos Real Estate West consults regularly with a local attorney to stay up to date on the legal requirements and to ensure we have the best documents available to safeguard everyone involved with an income property transaction!

We offer consultations thru all phases of the income property consideration.  

  • If you are thinking of purchasing a property to rent; we can help with analyzing the costs and profits of any particular building.
  • If you have a property that has been sitting empty; we can walk thru and help make a plan to get the property ready to rent out.
  • If you have an existing rental that you’re thinking of getting help with, we can consult with our attorney to analyze your existing lease; and we can create a plan to bring everything up to the best it can be for you.  Or we can just step in and take over wherever you’d like!
  • If you are tired of having rentals; we can help you with the best exit plan to get the property sold or end an existing lease on a good note with your tenants.

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