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Dear Aunt Aggie,
  I love Christmas!  But, I have older relatives that I am not going to be able to see this year due to COVID.  Do you have any suggestions to keep the Christmas connection without being in person?
~Christmas Connections~

Dear Christmas Connections,
  I understand completely.  I am in the same predicament myself this year.  I am happy to share some ideas that I ‘ve had!
  On Christmas Eve my family is going to drive over to our loved one’s house and sing Christmas Carols outside the window for our 94 year old relative.  We are going to have to sing extra loud since she can’t hear very well.  But we are getting excited about this.
  As we can’t do our typical Christmas Eve tradition with relatives; a relative of mine has created weekly Christmas boxes for my family.  She dropped off our first surprise Christmas box last week with goodies to snack on along with hot cocoa and Snowman mugs to use.  This was our tree-trimming box!  I can’t wait to see our next boxes!
  My extended family is planning on doing a Zoom call on Christmas eve so everyone can see our 94 year old family member.  She needs help with electronics.  But, we are getting excited for this one!
  Other ideas include recordable personal presents, such as digital picture frames where you can send new pictures and Christmas wishes, stuffed animals that you can record your voice in to; creating a video to send; and writing a heartfelt letter or story sharing a cherished memory!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  • ~Aunt Aggie~
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