New Year, New Opportunities!

Greetings, Friends!  

We at Country Chronicles are so excited to be serving our communities in 2021!  

We have some exciting changes coming!!

If you pick us up at a local business, you’ll see that we are shrinking in size.  BUT, that is only our monthly printed edition!  We have found it a little challenging to be helpful all month long when we only print once a month.  So in 2021, you will find much more online content!  We will be able to serve you better with more instant information AND a wider variety of information that we couldn’t fit all in our printed edition.

Our goal with this printed edition has been to inform our readers of things that are happening in the community that you can go to, see and experience.  Our goal is to stay true to our vision while we keep growing!!

If you love getting our multi-page printed edition – we don’t want to disappoint you!!  We are happy to print you one off and mail it to you!!  You can email us, call us, facebook message us, instagram message, send smoke signals, carrier pigeons, whatever!  Just let us know and we’ll get a multi-page edition on its way to you!  

**Barn cats are plenty in this area.  I cannot guarantee safe return of carrier pigeons!!

We want to hear from you!  Please let us know if you’d like a printed edition mailed to you!  

And please let us know things you’ve enjoyed about Country Chronicles or things you’d like to see in the future!!

Contact info:  517-992-1519 – Phone
Instagram:  @country_chronicles 

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