Introducing…..Dansville Village Council President

Mike Stolz!

Mike Stolz has lived in Dansville for most of his life, and he’s looking forward to his new role as Village Council President.  Mike has worked in construction since 1988, which has given him a wide variety of experience with local governments and their ordinances, as well as working with and leading groups of people.  Now that he is semi-retired and enjoying some consulting work, he would like to use his time and energy to focus on Dansville, and how his business experiences might benefit the Village.

One of the projects that Mike is working on with the Council is a Village website. As the site is developed, it will include the Ordinances, Council meeting minutes, and ways to connect and communicate with the President, Clerk, and Treasurer of Dansville.  Watch for information about the website launch coming in February by liking The Village of Dansville Facebook page for updates.  A Village Office, with office hours for some council members is also in the works. Mike would also like to take a look at how to apply and enforce the Ordinances more consistently, and provide help with compliance for those who are struggling.  He wants to see the Village become more profitable overall, giving careful thought to how to grow while maintaining the charm and character that Dansville is known for.  He is working on plans to meet with local business owners to hear their concerns and their ideas for improving business.  He says “Everybody has a voice, and a right to speak, but not everybody is heard.”  Mike plans to work on changing that, and he invites the community to judge him not on his words, but on his actions and ability to help. He is excited to be of service, and proud that so many people trusted him with their vote.  Introduce yourself to Mike the next time you see him, he’d like to meet you!

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