**Business Bonus**

Fool’s Gold Saloon
108 West Grand River Ave

Fool’s Gold Saloon, owned by Carol Stowe, has been a staple in the Webberville community for more than 30 years.  Known for terrific food and great service, they have long been a destination for local residents and visitors from around the area.  Carol’s daughter Gwen Baughman is currently operating the restaurant.  Gwen loves the fact that there are so many familiar faces still supporting this local business, and also enjoys seeing the new faces that the current circumstances are bringing in. Like other restaurants, the Fool’s Gold has had to make changes in order to continue operating in the face of Covid restrictions and the skyrocketing costs of restaurant supplies.  One of the things that Gwen has been working on is a strong social media presence.  Since people can’t walk in and see the specials and tell their friends, it’s important to have other ways of communicating what’s going on each week.  Menu options and specials are regularly shared on Facebook.  The menu has been updated so that there are a variety of delicious options for take-out orders.  Another change that has been fun to try out is the outdoor dining bubbles.  Gwen has had people drive from Clarkston and Southfield to eat in the bubbles, and they are a hit locally as well.  

The Fool’s Gold Saloon will be reopening for indoor dining on February 1.  You can follow their Facebook page for updates about the menu, specials, hours, and bubble reservations.  Gwen is excited to welcome people back inside, and looks forward moving towards more normal operations.  She is thankful for the support of the community!

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