Spotlight On

Holistic Hands
305 W Elizabeth St, Stockbridge
Room 102

Carrie Holmes grew up in Williamston as the youngest of 7.  By the time she was in high school, she was using massage to help people in her family who were dealing with pain from arthritis.  Once she graduated, she went to school to learn massage therapy, and has enjoyed this career for over 30 years. She moved to Stockbridge approximately 7 years ago, and is excited to have a space in the old Middle School for her business.  There are some Covid protocols to adhere to, but she is able to schedule appointments for massages.  Some of the services she offers include Chair massage, Sports and Therapeutic massages, Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage, and massage for Lymph Drainage.  She also offers stretching sessions, and has recently completed a special certification in shoulder and rotator cuff issues. With a broad spectrum of work experiences in her past, Carrie is able to use her knowledge about how people move on the job to benefit her clients.  She understands how they pivot, reach, sit, and stand in various types of work. She knows how those muscles connect to the skeleton. This helps her make an individualized treatment plan to address each person’s needs. As each session unwinds, she communicates with her client about what she is doing, and listens to them to understand what is helping. Some insurance and some HSA accounts can be used for Massage Therapy.  Carrie is happy to help individuals figure out what will work.  Future plans for Holistic Hands include a collaboration which will produce nature based lip balms and lotion bars, among other things.  Follow Holistic Hands on Facebook for more information about Massage Therapy, and watch for Whipped Zen products in a few months!

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