Everyday Aggies

Lynn Main grew up in Warren, MI and came to Dansville in 1990.  She loved raising her family in this community, and participated in a variety of community oriented activities.  She and her kids were especially involved in 4-H, showing just about everything except goats and turkeys.  Her kids all graduated from Dansville Schools; Jessica in 2003, KC in 2008, and Garrett in 2012.

In 2000, Lynn accepted a job with Dansville Schools as an aide.  In 2005, she decided to go back to school to become a teacher, and graduated with her Masters in Elementary Education in 2008.  She is drawn to teach in the community where she lives, and where her roots are.  There were 750 students in her graduating class in Warren, and she is very appreciative of the closeness and continuity that teaching in a village like Dansville fosters.  She likes the fact that our schools are able to connect for activities and encouragement.  The enthusiastic energy that 4th grade students apply to everything keeps her busy, and she loves sharing the 4th grade experiences with them.  Michigan history, the Hall of Justice, Mackinac Island, Whitefish Point, and other opportunities make 4th grade extra special.  Lynn says, “Dansville Schools are the best kept secret in Ingham County, and the secret needs to be shared!”

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