Ethos Real Estate West Update

Ethos Real Estate West Update

Water and Dampness?

If you are looking to sell your home, or buy a home, all this rain can reveal a LOT about a house right now!  Let’s start with buying!  If you are buying a house with a FHA, USDA, or VA loan, your loan will not work if there is water in the basement of a home!  Water in a basement can lead to structural concerns and health concerns if mold starts to grow.  If you love a home and there is water in the basement, you’ll need to address this in your offer to the seller!

Next is sellers!  If you are selling or want to sell your home, you need to first disclose if water is an issue in the basement!  You will not want to accept FHA, USDA, or VA buyers if this is an issue with your particular home.  Or/and, you can talk with some foundation experts to get some quotes on solving the issue.  

I personally had a B-dry system installed in my house.  They were great to work with and were very honest about what our old basement could and could not do!

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