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Book Nook

Book Nook The Midnight Library, Matt Haig (2020)              Both dark and full of hope, The Midnight Library unearths the nuances of one of the fundamental questions of human existence: What would life be like if I had made a different choice? Nora Seed is weighed down by heavy regrets, and a life she no longer perceives to be worth living. But, in

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Ethos Real Estate West Update

Ethos Real Estate West Update After someone purchases a house, that home is recorded as being “Sold” on public records and thru the local MLS, if the transaction used a REALTOR.  Once the house is posted as a sale, appraisers then use the sale as a comparable in their appraisals! Most banks require an appraiser to drive by the comparable houses used

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Spotlight On…..

Spotlight On….. MX6 Ranch and Honey Bee Yards8221 Territorial Rd, Munith(517) 206-9293 Spring is fast approaching, and that means the bees are waking up at Pam and Craig McKinder’s farm.  Craig is a 7th generation farmer, and while there is some livestock to take care of, he and Pam have chosen bees as their focus for the land.  They have

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