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Local Opportunities 

Do you have something fun to add?  Get in touch at or 517-992-1519. We’ll help spread the word! 

Zoom Yoga Class, Mondays and Thursdays.  Do you miss yoga classes with Julie Kirkpatrick?  You can now find her class on Zoom!  Find the registration for her class at  Click on Community Education and then click “online registration”.  Enjoy!
Zoom Zumba Class, Mondays from 5:40pm to 6:40pm.  Are you looking for ways to increase your activity level in the new year?  Check out this Zoom Zumba class opportunity.  Message Mia Louisa Delano on Facebook for more information!
Many restaurants are reopening with limited seating on February 1!! Check the Facebook page of your favorite local restaurant and see what their plan is!

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn! Feb 4, 2-3pm.  Meet online with fellow crafters and work together!  A working web cam is needed.  Register at
STEM Lab to Go, Feb 8 from 10am to 6pm at the Dansville Library.  Ages 5 and up.  Call 623-6511 for a kit!
Reel Deal Virtual Film Club, Feb 10, 6-8:30pm.  Watch the FREE movie and then discuss on Feb 10!  Register at Adults.
ASL Storytime to Go, Feb 11, 10am-6pm at the Williamston Library.  Ages 3-7. Call 517-655-1191 for a kit!
Cupid’s Explosive Love Potion, Take and Make Kit, Feb 16, 10am-6pm at the Webberville Library.  All ages.  Call 517-521-3643 for a kit!
Third Thursday Book Club, Feb 18 from 7-8pm.  Online book discussion hosted by the Stockbridge Library. Adults.  Register at
Chocolate and Wine Crawl, Feb 19 from 1-4pm.  Organized by the Stockbridge Area Chamber of Commerce.  See the Chamber’s Facebook page for details and ticket information!


While our name implies our focus is on Dansville, we also look for items from surrounding areas to help better tell our story. Here is a 1888-89 Whiteoak School District card with the name of many who went on to attend Dansville Schools and make a future in the area. Continue to keep us in mind as you go through those old photos, documents, or other area items.

Library Corner

Library & School Partnership Provides Students with Free Library Accounts

Over the past year the Dansville Library and Dansville Schools have been working on a partnership to provide library accounts to all K-12 students in the district.  The Student Success Initiative (SSI) provides students with free access to physical and digital books, audiobooks and magazines, as well as educational resources like  Students are automatically registered for an SSI library account (unless their parent or guardian opts out), which is separate from any other library account the student may have already.  No physical card is required, as students use their school username for their SSI account.  Students who need information about their SSI username should contact their school office.  Many school districts in the area participate in the Student Success Initiative; to check for another school district and for more information on SSI accounts visit or call the Dansville Library at 517-623-6511.

 Lynn Harper,  
Head Librarian
Dansville Branch

Ethos Real Estate West Update, 02/2021

Did you know that Ethos Real Estate West loves cookies?  🙂  AND we love Girl Scouts!  AND WE love our community!

So, we put all these together to offer you a free box of Girl Scout Cookies!!!

   * We are offering one box per household. (If you want additional boxes, we can refer you to a Girl Scout!)
    * Your friendly Ethos Real Estate West agent will deliver your cookie box up to a 30-40 mile radius.
    * If you live outside of this radius, your cookies can be picked up at our office or a previously agreed upon                .   location.
    * This is limited to the first 100 boxes of cookies claimed!  Simply go to the following link to claim your           .  cookies!!  You can also call or text our office at 517-623-0204.

Book Nook, 02/2021

I Am the Messenger, Markus Zusak (2006)

                Ed Kennedy is so ordinary, the reader could start to wonder why there would be a book about him. But when a mysterious list of addresses shows up on a playing card in his mailbox, Ed is forced to learn how to be a better version of his ordinary, mediocre self. The story is gripping, funny, and has characters you will grow to love. 

                The one major flaw I found in this book is that the author attempts to explain the mystery at the end, and honestly it was a little clumsy. I thought it would have been better left as a loose end, open to interpretation. You shouldn’t take my word for it though- it’s worth reading for yourself to see what you think. 

I would recommend I Am the Messenger to readers fifteen years and older who enjoy mysteries, or who enjoyed Zusak’s The Book Thief. 

Captain Marvel: Higher, Fast, Further, Faster, More; Kelly DeConnick and David Lopez (2014)

                Earth’s Mightiest Hero leaves for space and ends up in the middle of some nasty negotiations regarding the remaining group of an entire race of people, refugees caught in the crosshairs of an intergalactic war. I found Carol’s romantic relationship with Rhodey a little off-putting, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the way her character was written. This is the first Captain America run I have read, and I think it is a good introduction to the character and story. 

Recommended for readers in middle school and older. -Kat Wahl, writer


Holistic Hands
305 W Elizabeth St, Stockbridge
Room 102

Carrie Holmes grew up in Williamston as the youngest of 7.  By the time she was in high school, she was using massage to help people in her family who were dealing with pain from arthritis.  Once she graduated, she went to school to learn massage therapy, and has enjoyed this career for over 30 years. She moved to Stockbridge approximately 7 years ago, and is excited to have a space in the old Middle School for her business.  There are some Covid protocols to adhere to, but she is able to schedule appointments for massages.  Some of the services she offers include Chair massage, Sports and Therapeutic massages, Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage, and massage for Lymph Drainage.  She also offers stretching sessions, and has recently completed a special certification in shoulder and rotator cuff issues. With a broad spectrum of work experiences in her past, Carrie is able to use her knowledge about how people move on the job to benefit her clients.  She understands how they pivot, reach, sit, and stand in various types of work. She knows how those muscles connect to the skeleton. This helps her make an individualized treatment plan to address each person’s needs. As each session unwinds, she communicates with her client about what she is doing, and listens to them to understand what is helping. Some insurance and some HSA accounts can be used for Massage Therapy.  Carrie is happy to help individuals figure out what will work.  Future plans for Holistic Hands include a collaboration which will produce nature based lip balms and lotion bars, among other things.  Follow Holistic Hands on Facebook for more information about Massage Therapy, and watch for Whipped Zen products in a few months!

Memorial Day is Coming, 02/2021

It’s early to be thinking about Memorial Day, but the Dansville DDA (Downtown Development Authority) is already planning.  If you are interested in supporting or being a part of this committee please email so a plan can be made for social distancing during the meeting on Feb. 11 at 7pm. Your voice is needed!

Chocolate & Wine Crawl, 02/2021

The Library is Hiring, 02/2021

The Library is hiring!
The Dansville Library is hiring for two 10 hour/week Page positions.  For more information and an application, please go to

Business Bonus, 02/2021

Fool’s Gold Saloon

108 West Grand River Ave

Fool’s Gold Saloon, owned by Carol Stowe, has been a staple in the Webberville community for more than 30 years.  Known for terrific food and great service, they have long been a destination for local residents and visitors from around the area.  Carol’s daughter Gwen Baughman is currently operating the restaurant.  Gwen loves the fact that there are so many familiar faces still supporting this local business, and also enjoys seeing the new faces that the current circumstances are bringing in.

Like other restaurants, the Fool’s Gold has had to make changes in order to continue operating in the face of Covid restrictions and the skyrocketing costs of restaurant supplies.  One of the things that Gwen has been working on is a strong social media presence.  Since people can’t walk in and see the specials and tell their friends, it’s important to have other ways of communicating what’s going on each week.  Menu options and specials are regularly shared on Facebook.  The menu has been updated so that there are a variety of delicious options for take-out orders.  Another change that has been fun to try out is the outdoor dining bubbles.  Gwen has had people drive from Clarkston and Southfield to eat in the bubbles, and they are a hit locally as well.  

The Fool’s Gold Saloon will be reopening for indoor dining on February 1.  You can follow their Facebook page for updates about the menu, specials, hours, and bubble reservations.  Gwen is excited to welcome people back inside, and looks forward moving towards more normal operations.  She is thankful for the support of the community!


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Vacant Land – 10+ Acres, Hull Rd, Leslie


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